Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust laws were written to prevent businesses from monopolizing a market and charging consumers higher prices by eliminating competition. There are state and federal agencies you can contact about antitrust violations. There are also private civil remedies (for example, the Clayton Antitrust Act) which allows individuals to sue organizations which violate antitrust laws which provide for treble damages, litigation cost and attorney fees if you win.

Antitrust behavior can injure large classes of consumers. It may be possible to file a class action to hold a business that violates antitrust laws accountable. This area of law is complex and fact specific. If you believe you have been damaged by antitrust violations, call our office immediately for a free consultation with a seasoned lawyer.

Antitrust litigation can include individual, privately held or publicly traded businesses.  This area of law can cross over with business litigation as it can have very similar fact patterns surrounding anticompetitive behavior, collusion and unfair business practices. Behavior that may not qualify as antitrust litigation may violate other state or federal law. Consulting experience counsel is essential to assuring you get the answers you need to make the right decision.

We are experienced litigators who do not shy away from complicated or difficult cases. We have the track record proves it. We understand that cases have a profound impact on the lives of our clients.  We take our role as “counsel” seriously. Mr. Garrison has litigated many individual and class action cases. He knows the law, the issues and the courtroom. Remember all cases have statutes of limitations and a private consultation covered by attorney-client privilege will get you the real answers you need. Call us. Consultations are free. Choosing the wrong lawyer is not.