Mass Torts Cases

Mass torts litigation happens when a product causes a group of people to suffer a common injury and damage. However, in mass tort cases each person retains their own lawyer to file an individual civil suit. Rather than allow multiple lawsuits proceed a judge orders the cases “joined” into one large case. This procedure of joining many cases into one “master” case is the major difference between a mass tort and class action cases.

Mass tort cases filed by lawyers cover a wide variety of issues including: medications, medical devices, defective products, hazardous substances, disasters or damages suffered by a group of people that can be identified as the wrongful conduct or product of a specific company, or companies. If you think you have a case that may be part of a mass tort, contact us.

We are seasoned trial lawyers who do not shy away hard cases. Our track record proves it. We understand that cases we handle have a profound impact on our clients’ lives. You will find Mr. Garrison to be a compassionate listener and a fierce litigator. Mr. Garrison has litigated numerous class action and complex cases. He knows the law, the issues and the courtroom. Remember all cases have statutes of limitations and a private consultation covered by attorney-client privilege will get you the real answers you need. Call us. Consultations are free. Choosing the wrong lawyer is not.