Wage and Hour Individual and Class Actions

Typical Situation #1

Wage and hour litigation generally starts when an employee realizes something is wrong with their wages, employer or employment. Maybe the employer is not paying overtime. Maybe the employer is not allowing employees to take require breaks. Maybe the employer is requiring the employee to arrive at work 15 minutes before the employee is allowed to clock in. The employee becomes upset and starts wondering whether to contact a lawyer. However, the employee is worried about what the employer might do if they “rock the boat”. The employee can’t afford to lose their job and they don’t know their legal rights. Rest assured the law has anticipated these very real problems.

Consultations with a lawyer are automatically covered by attorney client privilege. What this means is the fact that you even met with a lawyer is automatically private as is any discussion you have with the lawyer. Lawyers are required by law to keep whatever you tell them private. Lawyers cannot discuss anything you tell them with anyone without your approval. In addition, if you decide to file a lawsuit there are laws that protect you from employer retaliation.

Typical Wage and Hour Situation #2

An employee discovers that their employer has not paid them properly. After discussing the problem with the employer in good faith the employer finds a reason to fire the employee.

Now the employee does not have a job, has been wrongfully terminated AND the employee still has been paid as required by law. The employee puts off calling a lawyer. Unfortunately for the employee, there are various statutes of limitation that govern the employees right to sue the employer. If the employee waits too long they lose their legal rights. This means the employee doesn’t get paid what they are owed and the employer continues the illegal business practices. If you think your employer isn’t following the law call us. We are here to help.

We are seasoned trial lawyers who do not shy away from complicated or hard fought cases. Our  track record proves it. We understands that cases do handle have a profound impact on his clients’ lives. You will find Mr. Garrison both a compassionate listener and a fierce fighter. Mr. Garrison has litigated numerous wage and hour individual and class action cases and knows the law and issues surrounding these cases. Remember all cases have statutes of limitations and a private consultation covered by attorney-client privilege will get you the real answers you need. Call us. Consultations are free. Choosing the wrong lawyer is not.